Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sometimes In Life We Feel So Blue,
But Someone Somewhere Is Not As Happy As You.

Somewhere Far At The Border When A Soldier Sleeps,
Missing His Loved Ones, He Silently Weeps.

Somewhere a Mother Painfully Sighs, Because Her Newborn Baby Didn't Open Her Eyes.

Somewhere A Poor Dad Pleads & Cries,
When He Sees His Son Begging For A Bowl Of Rice.

Somewhere In An Orphanage A Little Girl Is Sad,
When She Sits Alone & Misses Her Mom & Dad.

So At Times, To Have A Reason To Smile, You May Not Have Any,
Say To Yourself That You Are Happier Than Many.

Because Life Is Beautiful & It's Not Always Blue,
& Someone Somewhere Is Not As Happy As You.

Make Shukr to Allah for what You have today
For tomorrow, you may not see the day....

Author: Unknown...

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